My first time ….


I found a studio for fetish camming in Orlando to do it at. I will be on soon as gogocumbunny at
I have a beautiful girl to cam with to break me in. Please come visit me.

I make announcements on my Twitter as gogocumbunny. Also check my site for all other info http://www.gogocumbunny



This year I will:

Blog once a week.

Get my clips site up in the next month

Have a fully functional website in two months

Double my followers this year

Get a Cam thing going and do that 3 times a week minimum

Get business creditals taken care of for GogoCumBunny and FallenAsherDesigns plus LLC GogoCumbunny

Buy Video Camera with its accessories (which I have a camera, lighting and everything else for photography), buy a good webcam and set up good lighting for my bedroom.

Finish moving my stuff from my parents and unpack. ok ok. I moved in November. I just finished putting the hutch for my desk I bought in November, yesterday.

Raise money and go to fetcon.

Well Hello

Life of porn has been underway. I figured I will document it for fun.

Today I will be going to my first event, A foot fetish party. I can’t wait to have my feet worshipped.

well now to make business cards. yeah for last minute.

more later

tits and hugs… Gogo